How does it work?

The COVID Clean Approved assessment is a self-assessment tool that allows Qualmark licence holders to work through a series of questions compiled by Qualmark on COVID-19 related topics that are relevant to their operations processes, customer interaction and staff wellbeing. The assessment points out further detailed information about COVID-19 requirements from government websites, to help the operator understand what is being asked and how to implement these guidelines. The assessment also brings awareness to operators of resources, such as posters and QR codes, to ensure operators are aware of the requirements for displaying the necessary visual information for both staff and visitors.

Once the COVID Clean Approved assessment is successfully completed, a COVID Clean Approved logo will be issued and can be displayed to signal the operator is aware of the COVID-19 environment. If there are areas that the licence holder is required to address before the COVID Clean Approved logo can be issued, they will have the ability to do so before completing the assessment again.

Why should I complete this assessment?

The Qualmark award is a recognised and trusted sign of a quality travel experience; the COVID Clean Approved assessment has been designed to complement the high standard this award represents. By completing this assessment, it communicates to both staff and visitors that the operator is aware of and working to take measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What do I need to do to complete this assessment?

The amount of time required to complete the assessment will depend on the current COVID-19 procedures being undertaken by the Qualmark licence holder. It is recommended a 20 minute period be allocated for completion and, as the assessment cannot be saved and resumed at a later time, it should be undertaken during a period of least disruption. For larger organisations, it may require more than one person to be present, to assist with covering all aspects. It is important to ensure the operators’ COVID-19 safety plan is on hand, if one is currently available.

  • Qualmark Member Number

    E.g. ACC000003599 or ACC-000001117

  • Answer 3 sets of self assessment questions

    Questions will be about Staff, Cleaning & Protection Equipment, and Business Operations related to COVID-19 prevention.

  • Your company COVID-19 safety plan (if applicable)

    If your company has a COVID-19 safety plan, you will be asked to upload this. This file can be a Word document or PDF, and its size may not exceed 20MB.

What do I do with the result?

The COVID Clean Approved self-assessment tool results offer a clear and detailed overview of a Qualmark licence holders’ operation, identifying areas where further steps can be taken by operators to reduce the risks of COVID-19. These self-assessment results will help operators consider whether the processes and procedures they currently undertake meet the government’s COVID-19 requirements. 

Upon completing the assessment, a COVID Clean Approved logo will automatically be displayed on the operator's product listing next to their Qualmark Award, provided the operator has loaded this (Note: It can take approximately 48hrs for the logo to display). 

Not a Qualmark member yet?

Qualmark is proudly New Zealand tourism’s official quality assurance organisation, providing a trusted guide to quality travel experiences in New Zealand. There has never been a better time to become a Qualmark licence holder. Currently membership fees are waived and there are some great initiatives underway to help support members, such as the Tourism Advisory Support Service and the COVID Clean Approved assessment.

As a Qualmark licence holder you will have access to a team of industry experts, known as Tourism Business Advisors, who will offer the latest industry insights and relevant operational information, to ensure your business remains competitive. You will also be provided with a detailed useable assessment report, offering specific tailored advice on how to get the most out of your operation. Qualmark can also help businesses to become more sustainable from a people, planet and profit perspective.

Qualmark welcomes the opportunity to discuss your business becoming a licence holder. If you would like to know more about Qualmark or would like to join us, fill out an application form. An Account Manager will then be in touch to discuss your next steps.