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The following questions have been compiled by Qualmark, based on publicly available government guidelines on business operation in a COVID-19 environment. The questions are intended to be a self-assessment tool and are not an exhaustive list of legal obligations for businesses operating in a COVID-19 environment.

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Tell us about your Staff Practice

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, businesses have a responsibility to implement work safe practices for their staff. By introducing robust policies and providing the appropriate resources, businesses are able to better protect both staff and customers.

Note: If you do not employ staff, please answer all questions with regards to the processes and procedures that you follow within the business as the sole operator.

  1. You can select as many of the following as applicable.

    • Latest Ministry of Health advice


    • Promote the use of contact tracing methods, not only within your business, but also while out in the community

    • Encourage staff to have Bluetooth tracing enabled in the NZ COVID Tracer app (if your staff carry their phones at work)

    • Encourage staff to stay home if they’re unwell and seek advice from Healthline (0800 358 5453) or their doctor

    • Have policies in place to support unwell staff to stay home (e.g. back up staff)

    • Encourage hand hygiene following the recommended process

    • Talk to staff about how they can encourage customers, guests and others to do the same

Cleaning & Protection Equipment

Please describe your Cleaning and Protection Equipment

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is a key measure that should be undertaken by all businesses to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Ensure that you have the appropriate cleaning and protection equipment available to staff, and that you provide training on when and how to accurately use these to minimise contamination.

  1. You can select as many of the following as applicable.

    • Masks

    • Gloves

Business Operations

Please describe your business operations for dealing with COVID-19

While the global COVID-19 pandemic persists, businesses have a responsibility to both comply with government guidelines and ensure their business operations are maintained in line with the changing COVID-19 environment. Through taking the appropriate actions, your business will be better equipped to maintain continuity in the face of uncertain times.

  1. If you have answered yes, please upload your company’s COVID-19 safety plan (Word doc or PDF). File size should not exceed 20MB.

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