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Congratulations! You have successfully completed the COVID Clean Approved assessment

Thank you for taking the time to complete the COVID Clean Approved assessment.

Your results reflect that your business is aware of COVID-19 requirements, as set out by the New Zealand government.

If there are areas where we have identified further steps can be taken to reduce the risks of COVID-19, these will be listed in the report below. 

Included in your results are the following:
1. COVID Clean Approved Digital Logos - x4 Options
2. COVID Clean Approved Logo Display Guidelines - Please adhere to these Guidelines when displaying the logo(s)

You can share more information with your visitors and followers about what the COVID Clean Approved assessment represents via the below link. Where possible, we recommend that you make the COVID Clean Approved logo clickable for visitors by adding a hyperlink to this page:

A COVID Clean Approved logo reflecting that you have completed the assessment will now automatically be displayed on your product listing next to your Qualmark Award, provided you have loaded this (Note: It can take approximately 24-48hrs for the logo to display).

A physical certificate reflecting your COVID Clean Approved status will be sent to you in due course. 

If you have any queries about the COVID Clean Approved assessment, please contact

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